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Logging threatens rainforest with
Myrtle Wilt

1. Explanation of Myrtle Wilt.
Impacts on Otway Cool Temperate rainforest

2. Logging elevates the levels of Myrtle Wilt in rainforest
Myrtle wilt is an air dispersed disease.

3. Buffers required to protect rainforest
Up to 350 metre buffers are required to protect rainforest from logging practices.

4. Myrtle Wilt and Wildfire
The risk of wildfire destroying rainforest is increased by Myrtle Wilt and clearfell logging.

  • Elevated levels of myrtle wilt increase fire risk. Link
  • Clearfell logging increases fire risk in rainforest. Link

5. Myrtle Wilt and the Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act
State legislation designed to prevent myrtle wilt has failed.

6. Myrtle Wilt and the Great Ocean Road Tourism Industry:
How myrtle wilt threatens premier rainforest attractions along the Great Ocean Road.

7. Why isn't rainforest protected from logging?
Forestry Victoria ignore the myrtle wilt issue to maintain ash sawlog supply to local sawmills.

8. The Great Myrtle Wilt cover-up

  • Code of Forest Practices rainforest buffers ignored. Link

  • Critical CSIRO recommendations omitted from the Code of Forest Practices. Link

  • Suppression of Myrtle Wilt research (case studies). Link

  • Suppression of Myrtle Wilt research breaches Otway Forest Management Plan. Link

9. Environment Minister Garbutt does back-flip and ignores myrtle wilt issue:
In December 1996 the then Shadow Environment Minister and current Environment Minister (Sherryl Garbutt) made a speech to Parliament that supported an increase in buffers around cool temperate rainforest. Garbutt now supports clearfell logging close to rainforest.

10. Western Regional Forest Agreement failed to consider Myrtle Wilt issue
Former Federal Forests and Conservation Minister (Wilson Tuckey) acknowledged that community concern over Ciancio is putting pressure on the Regional Forest Agreement.

11. What can be done to save Otway Rainforests:
Summary of key issues and how you can help!

Myrtle Beech foliage. Brown - tree infected with Myrtle wilt; green - healthy Myrtle Beech.


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