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Why isn't rainforest protected from logging?

If buffers were used to protect Otway Rainforest from logging induced myrtle wilt, Ash sawlog supplies would be threatened.

Research in Tasmania indicates buffers of between 250-350 metres are required to protect cool temperate rainforest from logging practices. If these buffers were applied in Victoria much Mountain Ash forest (which typically borders cool temperate rainforest) would become unavailable for logging. This would impact on the ash sawlog supply levels to local sawmills.

Currently sawmills are licensed to extract about 6000 cubic metres of ash sawlogs a year. Ash woodchip is also favoured by woodchip mills.

As far as the State government and Forestry Victoria are concerned, when it comes down to a choice between access to ash sawlog royalties or the protection of rainforest, money wins every time. The strategy Forestry Victoria has adopted to maintain levels of logging is to avoid acknowledging the links between logging practices and increased levels of myrtle wilt.

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