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Buffers required to protect Cool Temperate Rainforest from Myrtle Wilt

Forestry Victoria constantly reminded the public that rainforests are protected because they are excluded from logging. However this ignores Tasmanian research has nominated buffers of between 250-350 metres are required to protect primary stands of Cool Temperate Rainforest from logging practices.

in 'higher risk' areas a conservative estimate of a suitable buffer zone would be 350m. Even if only below ground spread is assumed in such areas for 50 years (200m), damage due to roading or logging activities usually extends about 50 m into the forest so a minimum buffer of 250 m should be allowed.

Source: JM Packham Myrtle Wilt. (1991) Tasmanian NRCP Technical Report No. 2, Forestry Commission, Tasmania and DASETT, Canberra.

Currently Forestry Victoria ignores provisions within the Code of Forest Practices to apply 60 metre buffers, instead only 40 metre buffers are applied. See Great Myrtle Wilt Cover-up

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