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action statement

clearfell logging

method of logging where all vegetation is destroyed. See more information

cool temperate rainforest

Type of rainforest in cool temperate areas. See more information


Area of forest that is planned for logging; or area that has been logged.


Department of Natural Resources and Environment: government department responsible for managing publicly owned "natural resources".

Forestry Victoria

Part of DNRE, responsible for managing publicly owned forest, including logging within State Forest.


landscape values

Natural Landscapes are large, relatively undisturbed places where natural processes continue largely unmodified by human intervention. In the case of the Otways natural landscapes may include undisturbed catchments or sub-catchment areas.


Land Conservation Council, an expert land use advisory group which advised government. The LCC is now defunct, but operated in the 1970's, 1980's and part way through the 1990's. There has been no other group set up by government to replace the LCC.

Myrtle Wilt

Disease which infects then kills Myrtle Beech trees, the main canopy species of Cool Temperate Rainforest.


National Association of Forest Industries. Group representing logging interests at a national level - includes woodchip companies and sawmill companies.




Otway Ranges Environment Network. See more information.


Special Management Zone - Status applied by Forestry Victoria to areas of forest that they acknowledge have special values. Logging can still occur within a SMZ.



Special Protection Zone - Status applied by Forest Victoria to areas of forest that they acknowledge have special values. Logging cannot occur within SPZ, although the status of this land can be changed by the Minister for Natural Resources and Environment. SPZ are not legislated reserves.

State Forest

Publicly owned forest.

State Park

Reserve managed by Parks Victoria for the State Government


Timber Communities Australia Ltd. A company representing the logging industry which purports to represent logging "communities".


Timber Promotion Council. An organisation which recieves money from logging in Victoria's State Forests (royalties) to promote logging. TPC is closely associated with VAFI.


Refers to the transition of stopping logging in Otway native forests.


Timber Towns Victoria. Organisation which represents the logging industry to local government.


Victoria Association of Forest Industries. Organisation which represents logging interests at a State level - includes woodchip companies and sawmill companies.

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