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West RFA is a public relations exercise.

One only has to look at the language used by the RFA process to see how it is an attempt to brainwash the broader community into thinking that the forests are protected.

For example:

Regional Forest Agreement - or was it a Regional Forest Disagreement? The name "Regional Forest Agreement" implies that a compromise between all parties was reached when in fact the process and terms of reference were controlled and dictated by woodchipping companies and bureaucrats with a self interest in clearfell logging.

Comprehensive Adequate Representative(CAR) Reserve System. Comprehensive and adequate by who's definition? Again, just because a title says "adequate" does not mean that it actually is.

The names and titles used by the RFA process are useful to corporate woodchipping companies in their own public relation campaigns. These names and titles make it easier for big business to promote the idea that there is an "agreement " on how to mange forests and that these forest have "adequate" protection while profits are maximised from woodchips sourced from clearfell logged native forests.


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