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Community campaign against clearfell logging at Ciancio Creek

Rainforest that has been recommended as of 'National Significance' in the Otway Forest Management Plan, is under threat from clearfell logging at an area called Ciancio Creek on the Wait-a-While Road in the Otway State Forest. Logging threatens stands of pure Cool Temperate Rainforest in nearby gullies and destroy a rare stand of Otway old growth mountain ash forest.

Cool Temperate Rainforest (left) and old growth mountain ash (right) near Ciancio Creek

More photos of old growth ash forest

A direct action campaign by conservationists and local residents first stopped clearfell logging at the Ciancio Creek Coupe on Friday 6th April 2001. Conservationists were concerned about the lack of adequate buffers between the edge of the logging operation and stands of Cool Temperate Rainforest in Ciancio creek. The protest camp lasted for two weeks and forced the Department of Natural Resources and Environment Minister Garbutt to halt the logging operation. About a dozen people were arrested. Photos of direct action at Ciancio

Judge finds logging at Ciancio Creek to be illegal.
Charges against conservationists dropped

Myrtle Wilt at Ciancio

Environment Minister Garbutt breaks an agreement to prevent Otway forest conflict.

Ciancio Diary (4 - 24 April 2001)

Ciancio Media Releases

Forest at Ciancio that the Government wants to log


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